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Herbs and Botanicals

In the dietary supplementary world, herbs and botanicals are creating a buzz as more and more consumers are getting introduced to their seldom-known medicinal and therapeutic properties. From flax seeds to moringa dried leaves to food grade activated charcoal, Santmira is focused on offering the best herbs and botanicals that have been proven to bring tons of benefits into your life. Whether you are planning to tap on the unique scent of a certain herb or a valued nutrient of a certain botanical product, you will easily be impressed with the range of herbs and botanicals we offer in our inventory! Many herbs and botanicals come with well-documented benefits that can help support a wide range of health processes. Depending on the type of botanical product you are getting, it can offer benefits such as:

  • Promote healthy sleep

  • Calm nervousness

  • Support healthy blood sugar metabolism

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease

  • Improve digestion

  • Boost immunity

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