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At Santmira ~ we try to harness the power of nature, just like the way nature intended ~ pure, gentle and natural. We bring to you the finest natural raw ingredients, essential oils, base oils, branded cosmetics, and other beauty accessories at the best prices. Our product line of raw natural ingredients & oils are of premium quality, to be applied directly to the skin or they can be used for making your own products like cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, etc.


We are direct importers and distributors for various products from sources across the globe. Our products are acquired from verifiable sources to ensure the authenticity of quality. Santmira is a brand you can trust to provide you quality natural products at competitive prices.


Natural raw ingredients being our main staple, we provide a range of superior quality products for health and skincare from all over the globe. Have you ever looked at your skincare product labels and not recognized a single ingredient in it or checked the quality of the ingredients used?


Mostly all are chemical based. We think you deserve to know EXACTLY what's going on your face and body. With Santmira's products, we're excited for you to know about the innovative ingredients we propagate. This is why our ingredients are front and center, never hidden, and why we go the extra mile to educate our customers regarding health and wellness our products offer.

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We are dedicated and devoted to your satisfaction. Offering products that not only soothes and enriches your skin but nourishes and detoxifies your body, mind, and spirit, giving you a refreshing experience.


Dare to commit yourself to a whole new way of life with our raw, unrefined, 100% organic and pure product line.


Try Santmira ~ pure, gentle and natural.

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