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Kraft Brown Stand Up Liquid Spout Bags

Size : 120 x 170 - 8 oz/ 250 ml


Santmira Kraft Brown stand-up pour spout bags pouches and packaging technology is the newest in the integration of twist cap closures into flexible packages. Sturdy bottom gusset allows pouch to stand straight. Wide face is perfect for graphics and displays. These pouches have an opening at the top for easy filling and are heat sealable (unless specified they are NOT filled through the spout.) Spouted bags have positive spout closures and they are puncture resistant, odor proof and moisture proof. Environmentally conscientious, perfect for powders, liquids, gels and granular products.  

- Washable. 
- Have handle for easy carrage. 
- Leak-Proof - locking caps,
- The spout bag has a positive seal spout, it is freezable and perfect for any liquid, excluding HOT. 
- Ideal for wine, juice, oil, beverage, ect. 
- These bags are made of food grade material. 
- The flasks are perfect to transport any beverage anywhere. Camping, Fishing, Golf Course, Football Games, Hockey Games, Baseball Games,Basketball Games,Tennis, Concerts, Picnics etc

Stand Up Spout Liquid Bag Flask Pouch With Cap ~ Kraft Brown ~ 8oz

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