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Size : 120 x 200 mm - 4oz


Best barrier protection against Oxygen, UV & Moisture

  • Excellent quality ensures product remains safe & fresh
  • Highly durable, re-usable & cost effective
  • Temperature tolerance upto 100 Deg. C. 


Stand Up Pouches are an elegant and practical alternative to rigid packaging. The pouches are ideal for shelf display, which also makes them the perfect way to advertise your brand.

Stand Up Pouches provide excellent content protection with strong barrier properties safeguarding against potential spoiling factors such as water vapour and oxygen infiltration. As the pouches are resealable the contents do not have to be used all at once or decanted into a container, but instead can be kept fresh in the resealed pouch.


The pouches’ reusable nature makes them economically and environmentally preferable to rigid packaging, and as they take up less space, they are easier and cheaper to manufacture, transport, and store.

The pouches are the ideal packaging for food products and are FDA food grade approved. They are also suitable for powders, granules, chemical products, cosmetics and pet foods.


Bag capacities/ weight are based on roasted coffee beans.  The capacities would vary for other products.

Stand Up Pouch Resealable Zip Lock Pouch - BLACK MATTE - 4oz

  • Stand up Pouch (SUP's) bags are ideal for food, snack, tea coffee bean storage.
  • These bags can also be used for various purposes as they are durable, eco-friendly and reusable.
  • These are high quality Clear Finish on both sides.
  • These are moisture proof, heat-proof upto 100 Deg Centigrade.
  • Laser etched Tear notch on the top enables easy opening of the bag wile the resealable zip lock allows to reuse and store the product back keeping it safe from air, moisture, heat, etc.
  • The design also allows it to stand up and is easy to store in small places.
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