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Ceramic Salt Inhaler with 100% Pure Pink Himalayan Salt  by SANTMIRA


This Himalayan salt inhaler mimics the healing effects of salt cave therapy or breathing sea air. As you breathe, natural moisture in the air absorbs the salt particles into the sinuses and lungs, which can help with sinus problems, asthma, the common cold, allergies, hay fever and congestion.

  • Durable ceramic salt inhaler with salt - Natural & effective homeopathic therapy & care for chronic sinus conditions, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, allergies, breathing difficulties & respiratory system ailments; Same healing properties & health benefits as rehabilitation salt caves, sea air; Helps reduce respiratory problems & irritation, eases distress; Reduces inflammation & nasal passage swelling, promotes deep breathing, improves sleep.
  • Use for 15-20 minutes daily for best results; Colorful salt crystals only need replacing every 3-5 years; Hand wash & dry thoroughly before adding salt; Rock Salt Inhaler cleans the air for fresh, pure, relaxing air
  • Pink Salt Inhaler is a noninvasive, Drug-Free alternative to medical; Crystal Salt Inhaler is the best holiday or Christmas present or stocking stuffer for kids and adults, boys or girls, men or women, Perfect housewarming gift for home or apartment, college student dorm; Relax in the living room, bedroom, office, or around the household; High quality, 100% natural pink salt crystals carved in Pakistan
  • Safe and gentle to use ~ Do not add water ~ Recommended for use by one person only.
  • Box contains Himalayan Crystal Salt Ceramic Inhaler: 5"H x 2.5"W (1), 3oz Packets of Pink Crystal Salt (1), New In Retail Packaging

Himalayan Ceramic Inhaler Salt Kit with 3oz Coarse Salt

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