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Extra Virgin 100% Pure Coconut Oil
Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made using the fresh Coconuts and extracted using the traditional Cold Press method under normal cool conditions thereby preserving all the ingredients.  What we offer is RAW Coconut Oil. 
Raw Vs. Refined
This is a non-refined, 100% natural product & NOT a Refined Oil which is cheaper but removes many of the natural qualities.  If the Refined Oil was as good as the Raw Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, it should be more expensive and not cheaper considering that an additional step has been done.  The Refined oil is thinner and is usually adulterated with a cheaper oil - compare a raw cold pressed oil with a refined oil by cooling it down - the raw natural coconut oil should solidify faster.
It is extremely rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), the most important one of which is Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid & Capric Acid.  These are saturated fats and hence beneficial to the body in various ways.
If you have dandruff, dry hair, thin hair, simply use coconut oil with a fragrance or without and massage it in your scalp, leave overnight and shampoo next day.  It is an excellent all natural hair conditioner.
Coconut Oil is a wonderful face cleanser, mosituriser, sun screen while also keeping the skin supple and prevents many other skin disorders.  The Caprylic and lauric acids makes it suitable for all skin conditions.
It protects the skin, has a healing condition due to the various antioxidant properties.  The anti-microbial properties balance out fungal sources and other skin conditions.
While our Oil is edible,we recommend it to be used for "Cosmetic & External Purposes Only

Coconut Oil Cold Pressed RAW Unrefined 100% Pure Extra Virgin - 16 oz / 1Lb

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