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Glass Amber Bottles with Tamper Evident Black Caps & Orfice reducer droppers to ensure controlled dispensing of oils.  Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, resellers, refilling, etc.  


Amber Glass bottles are the best choice for expensive and light sensitive oils, protecting them from oxidation or reduced quality.

An all-in-one, precise measuring and dispensing cap. Cap features an orifice insert that drop-dispenses aromatherapy essential oils, carrier oils, tinctures, and more. Simply screw on the cap and the orifice insert places itself securely in the bottle. Tamper-evident band maintains product integrity, ensuring your product has not been compromised.


  • VALUE SETS – Our sets includes  high quality amber glass bottles with euro orifice reducers, screw on lids and a dropper. Amber glass provides protection from harmful light and perfect size makes it great for travel and everyday use. They will easily fit in a purse, make up bag or even a pocket!
  • DIY ESSENTIAL OILS GIFTS – Make it yourself! Perfect for use with essential oils, perfume, liquids and aromatherapy. Simple way of making handmade gift blends and your own fragrances for your friends and family!
  • REUSABLE & REFILLABLE – Our long lasting bottles for oils can be reusable, you can easily refill those back any time! Use the bottle to apply the perfect amount of product each time. The bottles are simple to clean and fill!
  • EASY TO USE – Simply transfer essential oil or mix your own blend in our bottle using a pipette or a dropper. Place the orfice reducer plug and tamper evident cap in the opening and turn until securely connected.
  • TOP QUALITY – Bulk’s Essentials Bottles for Oils are made of high quality durable amber glass, all parts are BPA free!




We offer various Essential Oils, direct Importers, USA Supplier with ready stocks and guaranteed quality of all our products.

AMBER GLASS BOTTLES 10 ml Tamper Evident Cap & Orfice Reducer Dropper

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